Meanwhile, human resources consulting are effective means for many companies for resolving shortage of qualified skilled staff and executive management personnel while, at the same time, saving both time and costs that would arise from job advertisements and other measures. To enable you to get to know us better as a trustworthy partner for you to work with we firstly take the time for a personal conversation.

Only then we precisely know the kind of demands you are placing on new employees and whom we will introduce to you. However, there will be no additional administrative-intensive issues for you allowing you to fully concentrate on the core areas of your business.


As human resources and branch specialist at Marko Mock Consulting I will exactly analyse your needs. Following the drawing up of a requirement and task profile I will, together with my recruiters, start my search for your favourite candidate by using a list of target companies and by means of direct contacting/direct search. Telephone interview, extensive personal interview with the potential candidate, obtaining of references, and compilation of all important documents as well as a final assessment of the candidate will provide the basis for my presentation to you.

I will personally accompany the search process from beginning to end, thus guaranteeing first-class quality service, i.e. for you as a company and for our candidates as well.


Our recruitment consultancy will allow you to find qualified skilled staff and executive management personnel avoiding protracted processes. My recruiters and I will take over every step of recruiting on your behalf!


By filling your vacancy we can assure you of the experienced specialist or executive manager that will suit you best and strengthens your team. You will be kept informed on an on-going basis throughout the entire process and will always have one and the same contact.


Did we arouse your interest? Then please do not hesitate to contact us still today. We would be pleased to hear from you!


Marko Mock


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